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Session Violinist, Session Musician/Vocalist, Performer
Nashville, TN

About Camille

Camille began her classical violin training at the age of seven with years devoted to the study of classical, romantic and baroque music. Raised in a suburb of Atlanta (which the New York Times calls "hip-hop's center of gravity"), music has always been a big part of her life.

Since moving to Nashville in 2011, She's enjoyed being a part of the lively music scene, adding vocals and playing the fiddle in two local bands, while interning at recording studios and taking college classes. Camille found Nashville to truly be "Music City" and loves recording and performing, not only country and bluegrass, but indie, folk, rock and hip hop as well.

Because she has a solid grounding in technique, it's easy for her to switch among various styles. Camille's versatility allows her to work in various forms.  Some of these include playing fiddle in two bands, Walker Howell Band and Island Wren, and working as a Nashville session violinist, Nashville session fiddle player and Nasville session vocalist.

Camille will finish her college degree in Audio Production with a minor in music in August of 2014 and hopes to make Nashville her home. Camille is truly grateful for all the opportunities she has been involved in and looks forward to working with more artists who want to add a unique sound to their live performances and recordings.

You will find numerous examples of the various music that Camille has been involved with on this site.